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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Presentation skills for professionals - your introduction

    • Introduction to your online course on presentations - what can you expect?

    • Meet your trainers.

  • 2

    Getting ready - part one

    • What is the purpose of your presentation?

    • Are you the right person to deliver this presentation?

    • What tools help you create your presentation structure?

    • Designing to win

    • Audience psychology

    • Checking your logistics

    • Interview debrief

  • 3

    Getting ready - part two

    • Tools to use for your delivery

    • How do you do you rehearse quicker?

    • Remembering your presentation versus learning your presentation.

    • Researching your audience

    • The size of your audience, psychology and logistics

    • Slide fundamentals (getting the basics right)

    • Designing your slides

    • Debrief interview

  • 4

    Dealing with your nerves and making the perfect start

    • How to deal with nerves

    • Dealing with nerves part two

    • Tools for appearing more confident

    • Being introduced

    • Projecting your credibility and authority - credibility statement

    • Debrief interview

  • 5

    Delivering the body of your presentation

    • Introduction to stagecraft

    • Projecting your credibility and authority - "Standing Still"

    • Sticking to time and a few other handy hints

    • Video debrief

  • 6

    Wrapping up

    • Dealing with questions

    • Finishing off and calls to action

    • Recovering

    • Interview debrief

  • 7

    Continuous improvement and developing what you have got

    • Why (and how) to follow up

    • Reflective practices (ROLFE)

    • Cataloguing your material to re-use it

    • Interview debrief

  • 8

    Wrapping up - your presentation skills as a professional

    • Summary of your presentation skills course

    • Wrapping up video