Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    LinkedIn process to success and LinkedIn's strategic goals

  • 3

    Run through of key LinkedIn functionality

  • 4

    Trust and LinkedIn

    • Why is building trust important on LinkedIn?

    • Introducing the trust equation

    • Tips on building trust on LinkedIn

  • 5

    Creating your professional profile

    • Getting the key parts of your profile right

    • Getting your professional headline right

    • Before you go...does your new headline do all of these things?

  • 6

    Completing your professional profile

    • Reviewing and completing all of your LinkedIn profile

    • Reminder of the key things to check on your profile

    • Download your profile checklist

  • 7

    Growing my connections

  • 8

    Identifying your new potential clients

    • How do you create your list of potential clients

    • Download your client and connection target list planner (your 10/25 approach)

  • 9

    Giving and getting recommendations

    • Why do we give and get recommendations on LinkedIn?

    • Simple tools to give and receive recommendations

    • Recommendations guidelines and planner

  • 10

    Sharing information

    • Why is sharing information on LinkedIn important?

    • What sources of information can you use?

    • Sharing information on LinkedIn and tracking what works

  • 11

    Getting the most from groups

    • Exploring groups on LinkedIn

    • Key tips for making the most of your LinkedIn groups

  • 12

    Using search and advanced search to find new clients

    • Running a simple search

    • Running (and saving) an advanced search

    • Overview and tips for making the most from LinkedIn search

  • 13

    How do you follow up on LinkedIn?

    • Ensuring your follow up approach is successful (including how long you wait to follow up)

  • 14

    Company pages

    • Test your knowledge: Which of the following features are available on LinkedIn company pages:

    • Overview of LinkedIn company pages

    • How can you use company pages?

  • 15

    Other useful LinkedIn tools

    • Useful phone app features - find nearby and connecting up

    • What is SSI (social selling index) and how do I use it?

    • LinkedIn premium & Sales Navigator overiew

    • Information (and web links) on LinkedIn premium and Sales Navigator

  • 16

    Summary and wrap up

    • LinkedIn for professionals - what have we covered?

    • 12 week plan - Download and start your new focused quarter on LinkedIn

    • Now you have finished your LinkedIn course