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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to your Business Development Course

    • Welcome to your course.

    • Meet your trainer – Nevil Tynemouth.

    • How to use this course.

    • Your workbook for the whole course.

    • There is nothing in life you have to do...

    • What do the words "Business Development" mean to you?

    • Comfort zones and confidence.

    • Where are your comfort zones?

    • What influences your confidence around business development?

    • Why do you buy, and why do your clients buy?

    • Creating focus in business development and why this is key.

    • Business Development your first quiz.

  • 2

    The business development cycle

    • How the business development cycle works (and how does it tie into customer relationship management).

    • Did you spot these things in the business development cycle?

    • What is trust and how do we build it and how do we become our clients trusted adviser?

    • Building trust in the business development cycle.

    • Asking for and getting referrals.

    • Business development cycle quiz.

  • 3

    Key business development communications tools

    • Improving business development communications skills.

    • Johari window and how it helps us focus our client communications.

    • Questioning versus assuming.

    • Questioning overview - creating effective client focused questions.

    • Questioning quiz, open, closed or ajar?

    • Questioning - just what exactly is an ajar question?

    • Practical ways to increase your client focus when listening.

    • Using summaries, note taking and written follow up.

    • A few final thoughts on communications.

    • Communications quiz.

  • 4

    Planning effective meetings, phone and video calls

    • PRE planning - how do improve your planning skills and help yourself stretch for bigger goals?

    • Did you aim for perfect or realistic?

    • Planning for your calls and meetings.

    • Knowing how to open a call or meeting effectively.

    • Using key skills to engage clients in meaningful conversations.

    • Creating the perfect pitch.

    • Planning for and managing objections.

    • A few final thoughts on planning and preparation.

  • 5

    Client focused communications tools

    • Social media as part of business development.

    • Understanding and evaluating buyer challenges and using probing questions

    • Asking questions to uncover the true client value - positioning different solutions to buyers challenges.

    • Closing opportunities in the most effective ways.

  • 6

    Working with bigger customers

    • Understanding why we need a different approach for major clients.

    • Knowing how "sleepless nights" can help you in engaging each decision maker and influencer you meet.

    • Building trust, rapport and deeper client relationships.

  • 7

    Account management

    • Introduction to long term client management.

    • What are strategic client development plans and how do you use them.

    • Your sample strategic account development plan

  • 8

    Bringing it all together - Business Development for Professionals.

    • Wrap up and recap.

    • Completing the course and taking action